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We seek to EMPOWER everyone to work on well-being.

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Our EMPOWER program trains social workers, counselors, and other allied health professionals in coaching and counseling methods that help empower at-risk populations with ways to realize a sustainable life of positive mental health and happiness. We offer our Well-being Coach Certification Course, and other professional training opportunities to staff at organizations that serve at-risk populations, such as homeless shelters, teen suicide prevention organizations, and substance abuse and addiction centers. We also work with staff and participants of these organizations to tailor these methods to their populations, gain hand-on practical coaching experience under the supervision of our trained instructions, and design studies and obtain outcomes data on the benefits of our coaching and counseling methods.

As a part of this program, we collaborate with other organizations--like the St. Patrick Center and the CHADS coalition--to equip their staff and clients with our resources thereby expanding our outreach in the communities they serve. Our staff members also provide direct service to clients when the need arises.

Our partnership with the St. Patrick Center showcases this program in action. You can find out more in our 2013 annual report.

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