Glossary of Well-Being

This glossary helps to clarify a number of concepts seen throughout the website and in our resources.

Integrative Approach

An integrative approach to well-being takes into account all the factors affecting human health and well-being, and addresses how they interact. This includes an interdisciplinary approach and a global understanding of the interactions within a person's body (physical), thoughts (mental), and psyche (spiritual).

Integrative Coaching

This is a type of coaching that takes into account the whole person—body, thoughts, and psyche—and looks at the interactions and interdependence of these three aspects. Anthropedia's Well-Being Coach Certification Program trains coaches in their integrative approach to well-being.


There are several meanings of the term "evidence-based." Put simply, it refers to the fact that a program is based on evidence that demonstrates its efficacy. It may also indicate that the program or treatment is based on randomized controlled trials, which show that the outcome of an active treatment group is better than that of a control group. Anthropedia's programs are evidence-based in both senses, but we actually take issue with the notion that evidence-based practices are the only means of evaluating the strength of an approach or program. Read more in the FAQ section of our website.


Lifestyle- and stress-related illnesses, as the name implies, are those illnesses that are related to our ways of living and to the stress we experience in our daily lives. Examples include obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, but also some of the leading causes of death like cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illness. We are currently witnessing a rise in lifestyle- and stress-related illness worldwide. For example, the WHO and other groups estimate that depression is currently the second leading cause of disability and that it is likely to rise to the first leading cause within ten years. 


"Psyche" refers to the aspect of us that drives us to search for something beyond the self, something elevated. Some call this our source of wisdom and intuitive understanding; others, the conscience; and others, the soul.


This refers to a state that allows us to face all of life's challenges in the twenty-first century. We have all had experiences where we have taken classes, felt good for a little while, only to witness the same problems return again. We need to learn how to make fundamental changes in our outlook, behaviors, and lifestyle in order to break this cycle. To do this we need to effect the whole being: body, thoughts, and psyche. 


The Know Yourself DVD Series is a course in well-being designed to help people increase self-understanding, manage stress, and find deeper contentment in their lives. This 16-DVD set offers an approach to mental and physical well-being that is based on the latest research in psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and mind-body health, including studies on self-awareness, personality, positive thought, mindfulness, and life satisfaction.


The To You Being of the Future films explore the lives of prominent historical figures who have played an influential role in shaping society. Presently, we offer films on Leonardo da Vinci, Petrarch, and Homer. Each film serves as a wonderful compendium to studies of these figures, or the places and eras in which they lived.