Courses in Well-Being

For over a decade, Anthropedia has been developing resources and training opportunities to equip people with tools & inner resources to promote sustainable well-being.

We offer different training opportunities. We have workshops and seminars that can help you get your feet wet, but our main focus is on our year-long coach training. Below you can learn more about these opportunities. On our events page, you can get details about dates and times, and register for our shorter workshops and seminars.


Upcoming Trainings on the TCI

Anthropedia has teamed up with the Center for Well-Being at Washington University to train coaches and professionals in the use and interpretation of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI).


Online training for researchers

Anthropedia has released an online training on the use of the TCI in research.  This online training consists of taped video sessions with Dr. C. Robert Cloninger and some comprehension tests. We have designed this course to ensure researchers have the latest information about the thousands of articles already published on the TCI and will ensure the proper interpretation of the TCI results. Researchers who complete this training will be granted access to our online TCI system.


TCI Training for Clinicians

We are currently developing an exciting new training for clinicians who are interested in using the TCI. This training, which will take place in St. Louis, MO during the spring of 2016, will introduce clinicians to the full potential of the TCI as a part of an integrative mental health care approach. This certification program will help professionals move beyond simple management of symptoms towards the root causes of specific mental illneses.



Are you an Individual looking for a personalized interpretation of the TCI?


Become a Certified Well-Being Coach

Our Well-Being Coach Certification program has been designed to prepare helping professionals for work in the field of preventive health and well-being. Our graduates are experts in lifestyle transformation, stress management, and growth in self-awareness.