How Can We Live a Good Life?

On the surface, staying healthy seems relatively simple: eat right, exercise, don’t smoke or do drugs, drink moderately, think positively, and get regular check-ups. However, the reality is much more complex because our physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being are deeply interconnected, and are linked with the health of society and the ecology of the planet.


We must address our mind and body simultaneously if we want to live well.

Our state of mind influences our body, and our body influences our mind. Think about how difficult it can be to have a good perspective on life when we're sick or tired. If we want to have sustainable well-being we need to address the whole person at once; this is what Anthropedia's integrative approach is all about.


Lifestyles have rapidly changed over the last century.

Our great-grandparents, and their parents before them, would scarcely recognize the way we live. We don't eat the same way, we don't relate with one another in the same way, technology has transformed our live, media and communication systems have altered the world--so many facets of life have changed.

Our bodies and minds haven't completely adapted.

Faced with a rapidly changing world, our bodies and minds are stressed in ways they have never been before. We're like Cro-Magnon men who've just turned up in a supermarket. These problems are making us sick in surprising ways. Doctors and scientists call them lifestyle- and stress-related illnesses.

Lifestyle and Stress-Related Illness


Poor sleep  
Climate change  
Unhealthy eating
Lack of social support  
Ineffective Communication
Lack of physical activity  
Economic and societal instability  
A sense of isolation and purposeless  



digestive problems  
cardiovascular disease  
post-traumatic stress disorders  
respiratory illness  
immune system dysfunction  

How We Can Help

We can help you live better.  Experts in public health and well-being (like our Institute members) have spent years working to understand what it takes to achieve long-lasting well-being. Our job is to take that information, distill it down to its essentials, and teach it to you. We offer workshops, courses, and online resources to disseminate this information.

Coaching session

Want to be coached?

We provide support for those interested in cultivating well-being by training and certifying well-being coaches. Our coaches work on their own and in institutions of all orders. 

Our Partners

We also seek out partnerships with other community health organizations, non-profits, hospitals, schools, and clinics to ensure that our resources reach every part of the communities we serve.