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To be truly happy and healthy people must learn to live in radically new ways.

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Despite advances in science, medicine, and technology, we live in difficult and stressful times. Financial troubles, social ills, and environmental problems present formidable obstacles to our physical and mental health, leading to lifestyle and stress-related illness. Presently, our health care system is limited in its ability to provide preventive therapy.

Many people can benefit from additional help to augment their health, resilience, and creativity. But we need to do more than simply learn about well-being; we must work concretely on transforming -- sometimes radically -- the way we live. To do this, we need knowledge, tools, and personal insights.

To this end, we have developed educational resources, like the Know Yourself DVD series, that provide people with the essential tools they need to transform their lives. Professionals, institutions, and the general public have successfully used the Know Yourself DVD series to help people transform their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, and ultimately adopt healthier lifestyles.

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