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A Challenging New Era

Health organizations worldwide are imploring people to live healthier lifestyles. The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the World Psychiatric Association, and the American Heart Association agree that without the necessary information and tools to help people live healthier lifestyles, we are going to continue to see an increase in disease linked to stress and unhealthy choices (depression, anxiety, cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness, obesity, diabetes, substance use, etc.).

Anthropedia coaches address this need by giving people the resources, support, encouragement, and accountability necessary to take action on existing problems and to help prevent problems before they begin. Our coaches focus on education and prevention and play an important part in the larger healthcare ecosystem.

Our Methodology


Anthropedia coaching is person-centered and uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to well-being. Concretely, our coaching is a blend of our educational program, the Know Yourself DVD series, Co-Active Coaching, and a wide variety of mind-body practices for well-being.

An Anthropedia coach can help a person develop more awareness of their body, become more mentally resilient, and gain an improved sense of meaning and purpose in their life.

The Know Yourself DVD series

The Know Yourself DVD Series is a course in well-being designed to help people increase self-understanding, manage stress, and find deeper contentment in their lives. This 16-DVD set offers an approach to mental and physical well-being that is based on the latest research in psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and mind-body health, including studies on self-awareness, personality, positive thought, mindfulness, and life satisfaction.

In short, an Anthropedia coach can help a person flourish in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being

Interested in receiving coaching?

Institutional Partnerships

Organizations interested in providing Anthropedia’s model of well-being as a part of their suite of services can contact us to learn more.

Centers for Coaching

In the interest of serving the community, Anthropedia has coaching centers at Saint Louis University, Northwest R-1 School District, and at the Blekinge Center of Competence in Sweden.

Referral to Services

Individuals and institutions can contact us about the availability of coaching services and receive a referral to a certified well-being coach.

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