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We are currently accepting applications for our Well-Being Coach Certification Program, which will begin in the Boulder/Denver, CO area this Fall.
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Coaching Program

Anthropedia's well-being coach certification program provides comprehensive training for professionals interested in an integrative approach to health and well-being. Whether you are currently in a helping profession or interested in a career change, we can teach you about our interdisciplinary methods for helping others grow in well-being. more

About Anthropedia

The Anthropedia Foundation creates and provides innovative, scientifically-based educational resources and programs designed to promote health and decrease rates of lifestyle and stress-related illness. more


Anthropedia's Center for Online-Research and Education (CORE) provides a confidential, internet-based platform to access health assessments, questionnaires and scientifically-based course materials. It is useful for both individuals and professionals. more

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All proceeds support our programs to provide individuals with the tools, knowledge, and awareness necessary to realize a happier and more fulfilled life. more


By helping to support us, you can be part of a breakthrough educational venture that will have a real impact, while also helping people help themselves. more