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Discovery Session

Discover what makes our program MORE than a wellness coach training.

  • Examine the depth of our biopsychosocial approach to coaching, which allows for sustainable transformation of the whole person—body, soul, and thought.
  • Explore how Dr. C. Robert Cloninger, world-renowned psychiatrist, translated over 30 years of his pioneering research in the science of well-being into our model of health and wellness coaching​.
  • Review the logistics and pedagogical philosophy of our program so that you know what to expect if you choose to participate in our training.
  • Learn about the current state of the health and wellness coaching field, including employment opportunities, income expectations, insurance reimbursement status, the importance of certification, etc.
  • See the results of studies that demonstrate that our coaching decreases anxiety, depression, and burnout while increasing positive emotions and character development.
  • Are you interested in becoming certified by the NBHWC?
  • Get your questions about the program answered.
**We'll also contact you to set up a call to address your questions.