The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being

A Mind-Body center
for the 21st century

The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being is a wellness, research, and education center focused on promoting sustainable well-being and reducing rates of lifestyle and stress-related illnesses.

Entry to the Anthropedia Center of Well-Being

The center houses the Anthropedia Academy & Origin Wellness

The Center houses the Anthropedia Academy, a training center for the personal and professional development, and Origin Wellness, an integrative wellness center with over 20 services designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Advancing our mission to serve the health and wellness of the St. Louis Community

As Anthropedia’s headquarters, the center allows us to advance our mission to reduce rates of lifestyle- and stress-related illness by expanding our capacity to train and provide direct wellness services to the St. Louis Community as a whole.

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Picture of lobby of the Anthropedia Center of Well-Being.

About our

Tony Sansone Jr. and his family.

The Sansone Family

Thanks to a generous gift from Tony Sansone Jr. and his family, we created the Anthropedia Center for Well-Being in 2020.

A photo of Peggy Sansone


This facility is made possible through the spirit of Peggy Sansone and the tireless effort of Dr. C. Robert Cloninger. May all those come through these doors walk out with great meaning and higher purpose.

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