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Your Donation Matters​

By supporting our coach training, coaching, and programs, you are providing support and education for those struggling with toxic stress and lifestyle-related disorders like depression, anxiety, and burn-out.

Our Vision​

People need help now more than ever, but there is a shortage of qualified mental health care professionals. Our goal is to prepare a group of coaches capable of helping others experience sustainable well-being.

Well-Being in Action​

Your donations help us to create this much needed corps of coaches. Your donations also help support our programs with schools, health care professionals, prisons, refugees, and unemployed individuals.

The Scholarship Fund

This program provides tuition assistance to trainees experiencing financial hardship. Your donation provides opportunities for educational and career advancement. 

The Coaching Fund

This program ensures that our well-being coaching is accessible and affordable to those most in need including individuals experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and substance use disorders.

$150 – One month of coaching for one person 
$1,800 – One year of coaching for one person

The Kirkwood Fund

This fund is dedicated to improving the overall mental health and well-being of young people in Kirkwood, Missouri, as well as the individuals who support them, including parents and educators. Proceeds support immediate counseling needs, as well as scholarships to train coaches who can help community members develop a sustainable approach to positive mental health and well-being.

Virtual Coaching COVID-19 Fund​

In addition to the physical challenges posed by the virus, COVID-19 poses a serious threat to our mental balance and well-being.  We’ve started offering virtual coaching sessions for individuals interested in reducing stress and maintaining mental health, thereby building resilience and immunity.  If you give to this fund, you will sponsor individuals who can’t afford to pay a coach for this service. 

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