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Anthropedia exists to help you reach your full potential. The coaches we train and the clients they serve come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Our coaches are teachers striving to strengthen their curriculum in order to better serve their students, counselors working to improve their practice through advanced certification, and retirees looking to be of service during the next chapter of their life, to name just a few examples. Our clients are homeless men and women wanting to find peace and calm in the chaos, business executives trying to better manage their stress, and helping professionals wanting support for the compassion fatigue they experience due to the overwhelming suffering in the world.

What all these people share is a profound desire to know themselves; they want to live lives with more meaning, purpose, and well-being. Anthropedia’s role is to provide these individuals with the tools, resources, and support they need to express their potential. In our uncertain and tumultuous times, we need to cultivate our inborn capacity for love, intuition, hope, and creativity, in order to face challenges with greater adaptability and serenity. This last year, thanks to our generous donors, we served thousands of individuals worldwide through our coaching and training programs. We have many stories to share with you that illustrate the tremendous potential that our programs and resources have to help people grow in well-being. I hope you enjoy them.
Kevin Cloninger is executive director of anthropedia
Kevin Cloninger, PhD
Executive Director, Anthropedia

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We have trained a diverse network of coaches that come to us from across the globe.

From the United States to France, Sweden, and Portugal, we are expanding our impact. In the US, our Well-Being Training Program is currently offered in Saint Louis, Missouri, but we plan to return to the New York/New Jersey area in 2020. In Europe, we will begin offering our training in Porto, Portugal, and Rome, Italy.

Thanks to our global reach, our coaches are improving the lives of thousands of people worldwide—at-risk youth, refugees and immigrants, homeless or impoverished individuals, and those involved in the criminal-justice system, as well as students, teachers, parents, and more.

The Anthropedia Institute, our international scientific advisory board and research network.

We have research and academic relationships with several universities including St. Louis University, Sapienza, and Universidade Lusiada. We also work with researchers from all over the world. Please see the list of our institute members for more information.

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Our Impact is


My big purpose in life is to help people become their best selves. Anthropedia [training and coaching] has allowed me to return to what my purpose is.
Angie talks about how well-being coaching improved her quality of life.
Angie Huber
Mother, and Change Management Specialist, Edward Jones
We have to ask how we can participate in the healing of our communities and our planet for the benefit of future generations that will have to deal with the consequences of our lack of action in the 20th century.

This reorientation requires a personal exploration of what brings our lives greater meaning and purpose. It also implies a greater commitment to social justice, a reduction of materialism, a focus on the person, and a global awareness and concern for all humanity. Our coaches and their clients live these values.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Anthropedia’s model of well-being is bio-psycho-social-spiritual. This systemic approach takes into account the different interacting factors related to our mind, body, and spirit in their social, cultural, and ecological context.

Until you focus on all three aspects of your being, it’s all a facade, and when you are working on those things simultaneously you can live a happier, more enriched life and so I’m more aware of working toward this... It’s all about well-being. Well-being does not have a color or culture or anything to it. It’s just mind, body, spirit. We all have one. And we all need to see how to keep all three healthy.
Toni explains how coaching got her in touch with her best self.
Toni Muhammad
Training Participant,
Executive Director, Catholic Urban Programs
The most important thing about the coaching is the person that I’ve become. I’m just a lot happier. I don’t dwell on things. If I get upset about something, I’ll give it a little bit of time, then when it’s over, it’s over. I just move on. And that’s huge. I just think it makes people the best person they can be, inside and out.
Kathy Hammer
Well-Being Coaching Client

Project Spotlight

St. Patrick Center

Saint Patrick Center, one of the largest providers of homeless services in Missouri, began implementing Anthropedia’s curriculum over ten years ago, and thousands of homeless men and women have been engaged in Anthropedia programming to date. It remains one of the most popular programs at Saint Patrick Center, and nearly 60 individuals participate in the Anthropedia meditation group three times per week.


of clients participating in our one-on-one coaching program attained a Permanent Exit Destination as described by HUD, compared to only 5% of non-participants

Before Anthropedia, I was searching and I had been for years because I was in charge of mental health programs here [Saint Patrick Center, Saint Louis]. I was searching for something, for some approach that would be deeper than what I was finding with cognitive behavioral therapy and any of the other cognitive approaches, and I just never found anything that was organized and profound and deep and something that you could easily follow. Then I found Anthropedia... I was looking for something that taught clients who they are from the inside out, not what society tells you, not what your parents told you — but can you find it within?”
Ann explains how coaching can help individuals looking for resilience and positive emotions.
Ann Rotermund
Licensed Professional Counselor &
Certified Well-Being Coach at Saint Patrick Center in Saint Louis

Our Impact is


The one thing I want to say too is that it’s sustainable change. I’ve been to retreats, and maybe you notice a difference for 6 months, and then you’re back to the same person. But the one thing with Anthropedia is that it’s a sustainable change in your life. And that is pretty amazing. I think when you’re talking about a person of my age, sometimes we’re kind of set in our ways and in our character and our temperament. So, to make these sustainable changes in your life, it’s huge.”

Coaching helped cindy live a better more satisfying life.
Cindy Wills
Former Early Childhood Development Center Principal and Well-Being Coach
Over the last ten months I have grown profoundly. It is not easy raising teenagers and we navigated some pretty big challenges in the last year. [...] The tools that I learned in the training have been invaluable to me. My awareness has grown, and I learned to put systems in place to prevent me from spiraling downward when life gets hard. I've learned better communication skills. I have learned the importance of having balance in body, thought and soul, and most importantly I have learned how to model better practices for my children who are always watching.
Coaching helps people transform their lives and experience greater meaning and satisfaction.
Stephanie Stewart
Mother, Personal Trainer, and Well-Being Coach

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Since the coaching and the now the training, I’m finding my voice more than I was able to in the past. I’m not as confrontational. I find myself reflecting more.
Coaching helped Jim escape homelessness and experience greater satisfaction in life.
Jim B
Saint Patrick Center & Well-Being Coaching Client
Anthropedia's training is life-changing. You’ll feel more positive emotions in your life. You’ll look at your life in a different light if you’re open to it.

Coaching helped cindy live a better more satisfying life.
Cindy Wills
Former Early Childhood Development Center Principal and Well-Being Coach
Now that I’ve been through the training, I really like myself. I’ve done a lot of work. And I was not like that. I used to beat myself up. I was very self-conscious for most of my life. I like me now. I learned to have self-acceptance. I’m not perfect at all, but I like who I am and who I am becoming...
Angie talks about how well-being coaching improved her quality of life.
Angie Huber
Mother, and Change Management Specialist, Edward Jones
I’m able to understand how my thought processes develop into negative patterns and to free myself from those schemas.

biopsychosocial coaching helped Howard find greater clarity about his thoughts and resilience.
Howard Smith
Well-Being Coaching Client
Well-Being Coaching was a turning point in my life. I’ve had so many experiences talking with psychologists, but I didn’t get the help and plan that I needed to get out of that situation. They just diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. And so I couldn’t get help from that. But now I have the materials and tools, and it’s just up to me if I want to come out of this situation or not.

Well-Being Training Program Participant​, Sweden
If you’re not becoming more and more the person you’re supposed to be, how can you help someone else become the person they’re supposed to be? And that means you don’t ever settle, you keep working on it. But I didn’t necessarily know how to do that. Anthropedia gave me procedures and processes and tools to help me do that. And you can offer that to clients.”
Ann explains how coaching can help individuals looking for resilience and positive emotions.
Ann Rotermund
Licensed Professional Counselor &
Certified Well-Being Coach at Saint Patrick Center in Saint Louis

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If you would like to learn more about the impact of our coaching and training in the communities we serve, you can download our impact report.

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