The Anthropedia
Center for Well-Being

The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being - St. Louis, MO

The Mission of the Center

The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being is a wellness, research, and education center focused on promoting sustainable well-being and reducing rates of lifestyle and stress-related illnesses.

The Center houses the Anthropedia Academy, a training center for the personal and professional development of aspiring and practicing helping professionals, and The Wellness Agora, an integrative wellness center with over 20 services designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Anthropedia’s first brick-and-mortar facility, the center allows us to advance our mission to reduce rates of lifestyle- and stress-related illness by expanding our capacity to train and provide direct wellness service options to the St. Louis University community and St. Louis as a whole.

A Mind-Body Center for the 21st Century

In addition to training and offering 20+ touch-free services at the Anthropedia Center for Well-Being, our collaboration with St. Louis University’s College of Public Health and Social Justice will allow us to further advance¬†our research on the Science of Well-Being.

The overarching objective of our research collaboration is to develop a consortium with Saint Louis University students, professors, and researchers committed to the advancement of sustainable health and well-being through research and educational initiatives.

The Anthropedia Center for Well-Being - St. Louis, MO

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