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We live in challenging times

Coaching can help you feel happier and more resilient.

We live in troubled times, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the effects of climate change, doing ordinary everyday things has become much harder. Coaching can help you tap into inner resources you may not even be aware you have, which will make you more resilient to these challenges. Anthropedia trains coaches who work in a variety of settings, and we also develop programs to serve individuals in the communities we serve directly in France, Sweden, Portugal, Rome, and the United States.

An Anthropedia coach will help you take action on what you value most, and help you reflect on what is most meaningful and satisfying in life. Often times, despite our best intentions, we spend most of our time focused on things we don’t really care about and it leaves us with a sense of emptiness and a lack of fulfillment and balance in life. Our coaches will listen carefully to everything you are thinking and feeling and help you devise strategies to address your worries and fears.

In short, as well-being coaches, they will help you to move towards living a good life that includes greater happiness, creativity, and flexibility. 

Coaching can help you feel more confident and serene.

More than anything, Anthropedia coaches will help you change your own life instead of being dependent on others or some gimmicky 5-step plan for greater health and wealth.

Anthropedia coaches are experts in the science of well-being, and use an approach that has been proven to produce results even for individuals in the most challenging situations. They will educate you about evidence-based tools and approaches to health and well-being, and they will help you with goal setting and action plans.

An Anthropedia coach works from the premise that only you can change your own life and that each individual is a unique tapestry. What will help you is different from what help someone else. So an Anthropedia coach will work with you to find a tailor-fit, personalized plan for greater well-being, so that you can remain confident and serene despite the challenges of the 21st century.

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Our Health and Wellness Coaching

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness coaches can help you identify obstacles to achieving what you really want, and equip you with tools and knowledge to realize your vision and goals in life. Much more than a simple philosophy, Anthropedia coaches use an evidence-based methodology based on more than 30 years of research on the science of well-being.

Each coaching session consists of a relaxed dialogue that addresses every aspect of your life, and our certified coaches are experts at getting you into action–mind, body, and soul. Many of our coaches are board certified Health and Wellness Coaches. You can learn more about our approach below.

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Get Health and Wellness Coaching in St. Louis or in your area. If you’re in St. Louis, you can stop by the Anthropedia Center for Well-Being and receive coaching or the other wellness services we offer.  Anthropedia coaches use an evidenced-based biopsychosocial approach to help you live a better life. 

Our coaches receive training that affords them expertise in a number of mind-body approaches to health and well-being including nutrition, physical movements (body awakening), breathing and meditation, and the one of kind Know Yourself series. 

Well-Being Coaching

What is it that makes life worth living?

What is most important, and how do we attach ourselves to those things that will elevate us, those we love, and the world as a whole?

How do we rise above our narrow perspectives, focus on social justice, and do our best to think about everyone and the longevity of our society and the planet?

These are the kinds of questions that our coaches and their clients have been asked to reflect on and find answers to in our training and coaching.

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The coaches we train and the clients they serve come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Our coaches are teachers striving to strengthen their curriculum in order to better serve their students, counselors working to improve their practice through advanced certification, and retirees looking to be of service during the next chapter of their life, to name just a few examples. Our clients are homeless men and women wanting to find peace and calm in the chaos, business executives trying to better manage their stress, and helping professionals wanting support for the compassion fatigue they experience due to the overwhelming suffering in the world.


Our Methodology


Well-being refers to a state of health, happiness, creativity, vitality, and satisfaction with life. It’s an inner state of calmness, self-awareness, and self-acceptance that’s achieved through a harmonious relationship between one’s emotions, thoughts, and actions. In order to foster well-being, we have to consider the whole person: thoughts, body, and psyche.

Anthropedia coaching is person-centered and uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to well-being. Concretely, our coaching is a blend of our educational program, the Know Yourself DVD series, life coaching, and a wide variety of mind-body practices for well-being. An Anthropedia coach can help a person develop more awareness of their body, become more mentally resilient, and gain an improved sense of meaning and purpose in their life.

The Know Yourself DVD series

The Know Yourself DVD Series is a course in well-being designed to help people increase self-understanding, manage stress, and find deeper contentment in their lives. This 16-DVD set offers an approach to mental and physical well-being that is based on the latest research in psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and mind-body health, including studies on self-awareness, personality, positive thought, mindfulness, and life satisfaction.

In short, an Anthropedia coach can help a person flourish in well-being.

Interested in receiving coaching?

Institutional Partnerships

Organizations interested in providing Anthropedia’s model of well-being as a part of their suite of services can contact us to learn more.

Centers for Coaching

In the interest of serving the community, Anthropedia has coaching centers at the Northwest R-1 School District, the Anthropedia Center for Well-Being near St. Louis University and at the Blekinge Center of Competence in Sweden

Referral to Services

Individuals and institutions can contact us about the availability of coaching services and receive a referral to a certified well-being coach.

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Perhaps you'd prefer to become a coach yourself?

Today there is a need for a new kind of helping professional focused on prevention, stress-reduction, lifestyle change, and well-being. Our training can help you understand the latest research on the Science of Well-Being, and apply it to help people improve their well-being.

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